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Teaching - Sib

School of Biblical Interpretation:

Old Testament

The School of Biblical Interpretation takes places in Cadegliano on alternate Saturdays and has been for many years a wonderful opportunity to accurately study different books in the Bible. The lesson schedule contains teaching sessions and group exercises, which are greatly enjoyed.

How does it work?

Classes are held fortnightly (on Saturdays) on the Cadegliano GiM base (VA). Moments of teaching, reading, biblical observation and group studies of the Scriptures are scheduled for. Alongside others, you will follow the message of the books that are studied, interpret individual passages, and above all you will learn how to practically apply the Word of God to your own life.

Do I study at home?

To make the most out of the program, each participant should dedicate around 20 mins every day to personal study.

How much does it cost?

Individuals: 150 Euros + 10 Euros (application fee)

Married couples: 140 Euros + 10 Euros (application fee)

The cost includes course fees, teaching material and a coffee break. The full amount is to be paid at the beginning of the School and is non-refundable.

When it will take place: alternate Saturdays

For more information and application forms, contact:

Tel. 340-1361217

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