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Mission - Libia

For many years, this nation has only been associated with international terrorism and Islamic revolution., and President Gheddafi has often come to the attention of the world media. Yet, the people of this nation have never been presented with the message of Jesus Christ. We must pray for open doors into Libya!

Some facts on the nation:

Libya has 6 million inhabitants. The discovery of oil in 1959 transformed Libya into a wealthy nation. Because Libyan workers are still largely untrained, the nation imports nearly one fourth of its workforce from surrounding nations. Therefore, nearly one third of the Libyan population is made up of foreign workers, mostly Egyptians. In 1969, Colonel Muammar Ghadaffi led a bloodless coup to depose the monarchy. Since the coup, President Ghadaffi has ruled the nation.

There are 96% Muslims in the country and 3% Christians. There are only a handful of Libyan Christians. Sunni Islam is the state religion and any form of Christian witness to Libyans is strictly prohibited.

Libyan young people have grown up with widespread government subsidies and free handouts. The strict media censorship means they have been isolated from any outside influence. But the oil revenues have also enabled students, who will be the future leaders of the nation, to study abroad.


Prayer points:

* Pray for President Gheddafi and others in authority in the nation.
* Pray for Libyans living abroad, that they may hear and receive the Gospel outside their own country.
* Pray for more tentmakers.
* Pray for more intercession teams, entering as tourists, interceding for this precious land
* Pray for the Christian radio broadcasts. Over 100 hours of Arabic programmes can be heard each week. Many Libyans have written to the radio stations but censorship hinders follow-up correspondence.


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