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About Gim - Who Are We

GiM is a movement brought forth by Christians coming from different evangelical communities, united by the desire of participating in God’s plan for humanity. For that reason, we have accepted this task given by Jesus to go into all the world and preach the good news, demonstrating the love of God also through practical activity aiming to help those who are in need (physical, material, emotional, and spiritual).

“Gioventù in Missione” began and had operated under the covering of the international missionary organization “Youth With A Mission” (YWAM) for many years, and had, throughout the years, obtained its national autonomy. GiM holds the official recognition as ONLUS (non-profit making social organization) as well as the recognition as a legal entity from the Italian government.


 GiM … a movement of young people?

God has always worked with young people…and in fact, since youth, one can already decide to put himself at God’s service. Joseph was a young man when he was sent to Egypt, and David, Daniel and many disciples of Jesus were also still young when God called them to His service… but obviously the “less young” ones are just as much needed. As a matter of fact, God often places the energy and enthusiasm of the young people side by side with the experience of the more mature people. Even though started off as a youth movement, GiM now involves co-workers and volunteers from “youth of all ages ”, to a point which it would almost be more appropriate to be called:
“Generations in Mission”!

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