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About Gim - What Does Gim Do

All GiM projects and events can be grouped, in general, into one of the following three main activities of the mission:

Evangelism & Frontier Missions
Teaching & training
Mercy Ministries

Evangelism & Frontier Missions

It is necessary to share with others our faith in Christ, because we believe that only in coming to know God in a personal way that one can have life in abundance and eternal life. Jesus is the only way! We encourage people to read the Bible because it is the Living Word of God and we encourage people also to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus, that He can be their Savior, Lord, and Friend. Evangelism often takes place through the personal contacts with people we come across, through those who come to find us and through those who come to ask for help, and we participate whenever is possible at street evangelism, through evangelistic booth and the distribution of Christian literature. Evangelism is normally carried out through collaborating with the local Churches at the plazas, in the hospitals as well as other public locations, with preaching and also with creative expressions such as dances and songs which draw attention from the passer-bys and thus create occasions in making conversations and contacts.


Teaching & training

The purpose of teaching and training is to equip believers in order for them to sever better in the local Churches and to try to respond to the needs of the needy and thus help the furthering of the Kingdom of God.


The main teaching and training programs are theory and practical application combined. They put an important emphasis on subjects such as the forming of the character of a disciple, going in depth in the Word of God, doing evangelism in various manners, mission, working with children and youth, counseling and family.

The teaching and training program consists of moments of personal meditation and study, teachings conducted by speakers coming from different nations, small group meetings and prayer times.

The practical phase of the various courses offers the participants the opportunities to share their faith with others, both through evangelism and through practical service. Normally the practical phase takes place in various cities within Italy or also overseas.

Other than the full-time training programs, several part-time programs are also available, such as the School of Biblical Studies (every other Saturday), Summer Schools (in August), and seminars on specific topics are as well organized on a regular basis.

Other courses available:

School of evangelism and inter-cultural mission, Bible courses, discipleship training programs.

Every GiM center normally has a slightly different focus on a specific training or ministry (please refer to the info page of every center).

P.S. The information of the various programs being organized is usually announced through the regular issues of newsletters “Gioventù in Missione…notizie”, sent free of charge to who would like to receive it.

Mercy Ministries

This ministry both aims at meeting the vast and varied needs of many people and allows the message of the Gospel to be demonstrated to them in a practical way.

In Italy, it takes place especially in the manners of the distribution of goods in primary necessity (Food Bank) to the people who are particularly needy, the family counseling, and the hospitality offered at various centers. All these are often done in the collaboration with the local Churches and with the local civic authority.

As for outside of Italy, help is offered in different ways, working concretely in partnership with local Churches and missionaries in various nations.



Everyone at the base (staff, volunteers and guests), contribute with a minimum cost of covering food, living and laundry expenses. No GiM staff worker receives a salary from the organization and therefore trusts God to provide for their needs... and God is faithful!

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